Safety First: Only persons who understand electronics and exercise proper safety precautions should build the system described below. If proper safety precautions are not taken, then a fire could result -- as can be the case with any electrical system involving large currents.  Use smoke detectors and have a fire extinguisher close by, just in case.  But in many years of operation, I never had a serious problem with fire. Nevertheless, be cautious.

Can Dark Energy Be Produced 
In the Laboratory?

It has been estimated that 72% of the mass-energy of the universe consists
of something that scientists refer to as "dark energy," an energy that is known
to be antigravitic, a negative energy. So, why, if that energy is so prevalent,
can't we produce it?  The answer may be that we can produce it.  But we have 
to take a different approach to how we think of energy.  Scroll down for more.



The Bifilar Coil Used In the Experiments

The photo above shows the large bifilar coil through which 15 amps of pulsating 60 Hz DC was passed. In this bifilar coil, the current flowing through one lead of twin-lead wire was redirected back through the second lead so that the magnetic field of the second lead canceled the magnetic field of the first lead.  It is this canceling of electromagnetic fields which forms the basis of what is called "scalar electromagnetics." While it appears to be the case that scalar electromagnetics has been developed and exploited by Russian weapons scientists, western physicists generally do not appear to understand this form of physics. Many Western scientists may even deny that scalar electromagnetics is possible.  The existence of scalar electromagnetics would imply that classical electrodynamics is flawed, which is something I have asserted is true and which is a relatively easy proposition to prove. More.  

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The variac shown in the schematic may be purchased here, the full-wave bridge rectifiers here. The wire employed in the coil involved five rolls or approximately 500 feet of #16 Radio Shack speaker wire.  Here is possible replacement wire: link. Essentially the wire was wound into loops of nylon cable ties that were fed through holes drilled into a large piece of wood paneling turned upside down.  The current level at which the device was operated was set to the maximum level at which the device could operate without overheating.  That was about 15 amps or so at about 15 volts. Eventually, after years of operation, the coil burned out.





Holes Produced In The Clouds?

When the device was operating at maximum current levels, and with all sources of light turned off, with the windows blocked, there appeared to be some sort of blue ectoplasmic energy coming off the coil. That energy appeared to fill the room in which the coil was operating. Since a large amount of energy was apparently involved, and since the Soviets reportedly used scalar energy in weather control, experiments were done to see if the energy emitted by the bifilar coil would affect the clouds above the house.  On several occasions, it was seen that large holes were produced directly above the house, as can be seen in the photo above where a contrail is evident through one of two large holes.

Note: With respect to operation of the bifilar coil, it is advisable to have a 2 or 3 inch air gap above and below the coil as otherwise the coil is not in an ideal state for generation of the scalar energy.  The air gap also allows for air circulation.  One of course should be very careful to not overheat the system.  Placing a fuse in the primary of the variac is advisable.  Be careful that you do not cause a fire with this system.  Careful engineering is advised, as one should be careful to operate the system only when a person is present.

Also: When winding the coil, try to not introduce any twists in the twin-lead wire.

And based on a calculation I have done, a better frequency for pulsing the system might be 4.8 Hz, rather than 60 Hz.  But that would be more difficult to engineer.  So I would suggest first building the device I built and to then go from there.

Another thing: Do not place a voltmeter or any other device across the output of the rectifier circuits.  Nor should an ammeter be place in series with the coil.  Connect the output of the rectifier circuits directly to the coil with nothing else involved. If this is not done, then there is the very real risk that the system will not produce the desired energy.  Do not ground either side of the coil.  Let the system float.

Health Effects With This Energy:  I have found that the experience of the putative dark energy produced by the bifilar coil above is very pleasant.  But it does appear that one can get too much of a good thing, for after exposing myself to the energy for many hours, I did find myself very tired.  Those who experiment with this energy are advised to proceed cautiously, and, of course, you are on your own.  But my experience with this energy is good.