Dr. Thomas Henry Moray was able to generate 50,000 watts of power with a tabletop device that did not burn any kind of fuel. How did he do it? The device ran cool; it did not put off heat. How is that possible?

Energy Conservation and Free Energy

"We can gain unlimited amounts of energy without violating the law of energy conservation."                                                           --Robert Koontz (Bio)

It sounds impossible, but it isn't.  It is possible to obtain an unlimited amount of energy from devices which essentially only require that they be charged up with negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons.  Any physicist should be able to convince himself of this in a matter of minutes.  It really is simple: While ordinary positive mass electrons in a circuit consume power, negative mass electrons generate power.  Why is that?  For negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons, Newton's second law, F = ma becomes F = -ma.  

But acquiring negative mass electrons and negative mass electrons is not quite as simple as it sounds.  They are exotic particles that many physicists may even doubt exist.  But they do exist. I am convinced of this -- for good reasons.

The Law of Energy Conservation

The law of energy conservation tells us that the total energy of a closed system is constant.  Therefore, if such a system has an increase in positive energy, there must be an increase in negative energy. The total energy stays constant.

When you drop an object in the earth's gravitational field, the object gains negative gravitational potential energy as it falls -- with that increase in negative energy being balanced by an increase of positive energy of motion.  But the object does not lose or gain total energy as it falls.  It gains kinetic energy while it gains an equal amount of negative gravitational energy.

How could we have free energy?  If we gain positive energy, we must also generate negative energy in exactly the same amount.  That will "conserve energy," as physicists say. In application, in the field of "free energy," that means generating negative energy photons and other negative energy particles while we get the positive energy we are seeking.  What is the problem, then?  The problem involves generating the negative energy particles. 

And I note that physicists do not generally recognize that negative energy particles exist, to include the existence of negative energy photons.

Dr. Thomas Henry Moray was able to generate 50,000 watts of power with a tabletop device that did not burn any kind of fuel. How did he do it? The device ran cool; it did not put off heat.

If we are to believe that energy is conserved, then we have to believe that as Dr. Moray generated the 50,000 positive watts of power his system also generated  50,000 watts of negative power that either cooled the apparatus or flew off harmlessly into space.  There is no other way. Dr. Moray's devices ran cool because they were absorbing negative energy.

Hundreds of people witnessed Dr. Moray's devices producing power, to include scores of scientists, engineers and politicians. Many signed affidavits.

The patent office would not issue Dr. Moray a patent for his device, insisting that Dr. Moray had to explain where the energy was coming from.  But this man did not know the source for the energy.  He thought he was tuning into some sort of mysterious energy that filled the cosmos.

When he contacted the government about the device, Dr. Moray was told by the government representatives that they did not want to interfere with private industry.  He was on his own.

Even though he was never to have his devices accepted by the public, at least on a widespread basis, Dr. Moray was producing energy, and he did it by charging up circuitry with negative mass electrons and negative mass positrons, I am convinced of this, and I am prepared to soon create a device similar to Dr. Moray's.  Or at least that is what I hope to do.

But this kind of research takes time and money, and I have already exhausted most of my life savings.  I am thus looking for outside sources of revenue or investors.

  Bob Koontz