The following links will take you to copies of numerous log books I have kept since 2006.  I started my research into antigravity and free energy in 2002 but did not keep log books during the earlier years. However, I did keep some notes, many of which can be accessed below -- starting from 2004. Please forgive the sometimes-messy appearance of these materials.  Often I was just making quick notes for myself and was never planning to make the notes and logs public. 

- R. K. Koontz      

Log Book 01
(21 Megs)
Log Book 02
(26 Megs)
Log Book 03
(13 Megs)
Log Book 04
 (16 Megs) 
Log Book 05
(20 Megs)
Log Book 06
(23 Megs)
Log Book 07
(23 Megs)

      Earlier Notes

     Earlier Notes -- All In One File (21 Megs)

Experiments done by Dr. Stiffler:

Radio Experiment Here (13 Megs, MP4)

Gamma Detection Experiment Here (14 Megs, MP4)